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The New Tesla Powerwall Is Actually Two Different Products

When Elon Musk released the second generation of Tesla's home battery in October, one of the key upgrades was the inclusion of an inverter. That piece of power electronics plays a vital role in switching the battery's electricity… Read More

For the First Time, Emerging Markets Are Deploying More Renewables Than Developed Nations

Climatescope, a new report from BNEF, was released last week, and while many news outlets highlighted the finding that solar is now cheaper than wind, the report contains numbers that signal another major shift in renewable energy. The report… Read More

A Virtual GTM Editorial Meeting: Our Picks for the Most Compelling Stories and Themes of 2016

One could argue that 2016 was one of the most tumultuous years in recent history. Certainly since 2001. David Bowie, Prince and Harper Lee all died. So did Harambe the gorilla. Vine was shut down. Fake news took… Read More

Storage Costs Come Down Across Technologies and Applications According to Lazard Report

The energy storage asset class puts a single label on a dizzying variety of technologies and applications. It's hard to compare a cavern full of pumped air with a lithium-ion battery, even if they perform similar functions. This… Read More

Energy Jobs: Mateo Jaramillo Leaves Tesla, John Woolard Exits Google, Plus ChargePoint, Acuity, More

Mateo Jaramillo, VP of products and programs at Tesla Energy, is leaving the company, as confirmed by GTM. With Tesla since 2009, Jaramillo spoke at GTM's Energy Storage Summit earlier this month. Here are a few excerpts from… Read More

The Energy Gang Transcript: Our 2016 Year-in-Review [GTM Squared]

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Michigan Passes Legislation to Boost Renewables Mandate, Retain Net Metering

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder plans to sign a set of sweeping energy bills passed by lawmakers this week that stand to significantly boost renewable energy investment in the state. Senate Bills 437 and 438, which passed in the… Read More

Encycle Is Raising $11.5M to Bring Its Energy-Saving ‘Swarm Logic’ to the Cloud

Over the past five years or so, Encycle has been putting its “swarm logic” technology to use in optimizing one of the built environment’s dumbest pieces of equipment — rooftop air conditioning units. To date, it’s done this… Read More

Lessons From 40 Years of Electricity Market Transformation: Storage Is Coming Faster Than You Think

What do Gerald Ford, a fossil-fuel plant on the Houston Ship Channel, the second-largest utility in Vermont, and the California legislature have in common? They each ushered in a major national market transformation in the U.S. power sector… Read More

Nimble Strategies for the Utility Workforce: ‘It’s Google and Facebook Versus the Utility Industry’

Over the next decade, roughly one-third of the utility industry workforce will retire, and 105,000 new employees must be hired by 2030. A nimble talent management strategy can help utilities capitalize on emerging technical and business opportunities, while… Read More